How to make eyebrows?

How to make eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes, but not only – above all they complement the entire face, add its character and have a huge impact on the appearance of a man. The same woman will look very different with thin and light eyebrows than when they were thick and dark. How to make eyebrows?

How to make the perfect eyebrows: step by step

Apply foundation, fluid or BB Cream to the whole face. You wipe your eyebrow cosmetics. Apply loose powder on the eyebrows with a thick brush. Arrange the hair by combing them with a brush to achieve the desired shape of the eyebrows.

Along the bottom edge of the eyebrow, paint a line that will serve as the basis for a perfect bow. The eyebrow liner in a felt-tip pen or pencil will work best.

With the same liner mark the climax – the upper line of the eyebrows. Connect the lines together towards the temples and fill them up to 2/3 of the length of the eyebrows.

To refine the shape of the lower border of the eyebrows and give the line a natural look, you can use a matte shade similar to the liner used, which will further strengthen and give your make-up durability.

Fill the inner part of the eyebrows and the entire surface with a trace amount of pomade or shade, spreading the cosmetic so that the eyebrows acquire a natural look. Any excess product applied to the eyebrows is reduced with an eyebrow brush or cotton pad on a stick.

The last step in eyebrow styling is to “clean” the area under the eyebrow arch, which makes the line more exposed and the eye illuminated. You can do it with the help of concealer and white, matte shadow.

How to make eyebrows?

Eyebrow painting

Let’s discuss some of the most common problems that can be easily fixed with a little makeup.

Light eyebrows

If you have very light eyebrows, give them a gentle shape without sharp lines. The makeup should be similar in color to the natural hair color or slightly darker (no more than two tones). This type of make-up can easily be achieved with eye shadows and an angled brush.

Low set eyebrows

If your eyebrows are quite low on your face, use a lighter shade of makeup on the lower edge of the eyebrows and a darker shade along the upper edge. By emphasizing the upper edge of your eyebrows, you create the illusion that they are placed higher, which in turn gives the effect of “opening” the face.

Be careful when marking the upper edge of the eyebrow. Rub the makeup well so that your eyebrows do not look painted. To achieve this look, you can use both eye shadow powders and a special eyebrow paint with a creamy texture.

Rare eyebrows

This problem can be easily solved by drawing Italian. Use an eye liner that exactly matches the natural color of your eyebrows and draw individual hairs to create the desired shape. Gently rub the shape with eye shadow and brush to fill in the gaps.

Thin eyebrows

To create the illusion of thicker eyebrows, use the same technique as above (draw several hairs with an eye liner) or simply eye shadow. Find out your color type


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