How to curl your hair?

How to curl your hair?

Depending on the length of the hair and the styling, the curls can look romantic, sophisticated or wild. Has Mother Nature bristled your hair? No problem, we’ll fix it. Just read about how to curl your hair with curlers, curlers or use a curler. How to curl your hair?

How to curl your hair

Curling hair on curlers is not an art, but it’s worth knowing how to put them on. that alluring curls would appear on the head, not matted hay. The next steps are:

  • washing and drying the hair, but we leave it slightly moist,
  • applying foam to make the hairstyle last longer,
  • dividing hair into strands and winding on curlers, starting from the bottom,
  • waiting for a few hours for the effect (if we do not have time, we dry the hair with a dryer, but the curls will not be strong and will not last long),
  • removing curlers, combing the hair with your fingers,
  • fixing the hairstyle.

Note, if you just want to tame and order natural curls, all you have to do is make wide strands and put on some curlers. We do the same when we want to get delicate waves, while small curls on curlers will arise when we divide the hair into thin strands and apply a dozen curlers.

Curling hair with a straightener

This method may raise doubts and surprise many women, but equally large is a group of enthusiasts of innovative solutions using it to obtain beautiful and fast curls.

The procedure of protecting hair against high temperature looks the same as when using a curler – thermal hair protection is necessary. To facilitate winding the hair on the straightener, start from the lower parts of the hair, and then go to the upper, so as not to damage the already curled curls.

When separating the strands when curling hair with a straightener, you should follow the rule that the thicker the looser the curls. For small curls, wind up thin strands of hair. Twist the straighteners around your axis, moving slowly downwards. Curling a hair straightener is an equally fast way of curling your hair like this using a curler. It only requires more practice that comes over time.

How to curl your hair?

The right hair curling technique

Hair resistant to styling requires heating the curler to a higher temperature, preferably to 180-200 degrees Celsius. The setting of the curler, as well as the way of producing strands, is extremely important when curling hair. The easiest way to get a twist is to hold the curler upright, giving off smaller strands and curling your hair from face to neck. The band is properly wound if you feel it is hot when touched. It is also worth hooking up the twisted strands in a roll with a clip, which can be additionally fixed with varnish. We remove the hairpins when the hair has cooled down. Thanks to this method, the curls will stick longer.

Fixation and shine of the finished hairstyle

If you can conjure up your dream curls, fix them in the right way. After curling your hair, you can separate it with your fingers or using a thin comb. Then it is worth applying a little wax or silk on them and arrange the curves accordingly. After that, apply a hairspray and a rinse aid. However, never spray your hair from the outside, just lift individual, individual strands of hair and spray them with varnish from the bottom while maintaining the right distance. Thanks to this trick, you won’t weigh your hair down, and at the same time you will fix the hair from the inside and add volume to your hair. We apply rinse aid in the same way. Make the cosmetic get inside the hairstyle. Thanks to this, you will eliminate the impression of greasy, stale and stuck strands.



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