How to get rid of cough?

How to get rid of cough?

Homemade, proven methods for coughing have been used for generations, which is why they are known to be effective. Homemade cough methods can be used for wet, dry and other types of cough. How to get rid of cough?

Air humidification

Dry and warm air in the rooms intensifies the cough, makes it extremely tiring. Therefore, try to moisten the air in the apartment. You can buy a ready-made moisturizing device, but ENT specialists believe that an aquarium with an A4 sheet surface can perfectly play a similar role.

Pour water into it. You can put stones there, pour sand and plant live aquatic plants or put artificial ones. The aquarium will evaporate by moisturizing the air, by the way it can become a decorative element.

Hot water

Warm (but not hot) water with honey, lemon and ginger will effectively moisturize the irritated throat, as well as facilitate expectoration and warm up. You can also add homemade raspberry juice to the water, which contains natural salicylic acid and a powerful dose of vitamin C. Other drinks that will ease cough are warm milk with butter and garlic, linden tea and linseed jelly.

How to get rid of cough?

Inhalations from oils

Inhalations or inhalation of water vapor enriched with antibacterial and antiviral agents as well as thinning secretions are a good way to cough wet.

Add five drops of eucalyptus, sandalwood, geranium, lavender, rosemary, fennel, marjoram, pine or tea tree to the hot water.

You can also do inhalations from infusions of herbs, e.g. chamomile. Apparently, cleansing can also help with coughing. Purged tea can be drunk or you can gargle with it.

Onion syrup

Making a syrup is not complicated. Onions should be cut into small cubes or slices. Then we cover the onion pieces with honey or sugar and leave the container with the mixture to a warm and dark place for about a day. This is needed for the onion to let go of the juice. To enhance the beneficial effects of the syrup, we can add garlic to it, because both onions and garlic have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Such syrup helps the body fight infection. In addition, this mixture inhibits persistent cough, reducing mucus secretion. It is also attributed to expectorant properties and alleviation of sore throats. The syrup should be consumed 3-5 times a day in the amount of 1 tablespoon.

Ways to relieve coughing

The basis of cough treatment is to distinguish what type of cough we are dealing with, because the treatment of these two types of cough is radically different. For dry, unproductive cough, we use cough suppressants that are designed to inhibit the cough reflex. It is worth remembering that dry and warm air intensifies attacks of unproductive cough. To soften it, you should therefore ensure proper hydration of the room where the coughing person stays, and the intake of large amounts of fluid.



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