How to clean suede shoes?

How to clean suede shoes?

Suede shoes definitely have their charm. But only when they are new? No, if you take good care of it! Natural suede leather is a demanding material, but if you know the right methods of cleaning and impregnation, caring for suede shoes should not cause you problems. It is worth to go to some trouble, because suede shoes blend well with casual and sporty styles, and in the evening version they are absolutely irreplaceable! How to clean suede shoes?

How do you clean suede shoes from everyday dirt?

If you are dealing with light soiling such as dust or dried mud, cleaning the nubuck and suede should not be a problem. However, remember that speed of action is of great importance here, as well as regularity. It will be useful to have two accessories that can not be missing in the cabinet of the owner of suede shoes. How to dry clean suede?

  1. Suede brush – a must have when it comes to basic suede shoe care. It’s best to choose the one with delicate bristles and use it on dry shoes right after returning home / office or in the morning before leaving. The suede brush will cope with dust and dried mud, but it’s worth “combing” it with shoes also when they are not dirty. Thanks to this, the suede structure will keep its perfect condition for a long time!
  2. Suede elastic – this small accessory works like a magic wand for all kinds of dirt. If you’re wondering how to clean your suede shoes that have mud stains on them, the suede rubber will deal with the problem instantly. You can buy it in any good shoe store and online.

Impregnating suede shoes 

Cleaning is not everything! If you want to extend the life of your suede shoes, be sure to stock up on a properly selected waterproofing agent. Impregnation will create an invisible, delicate coating on the shoes, thanks to which they will not absorb moisture and will become more resistant to dirt. How to impregnate suede shoes? All you need is a spray preparation with which you spray your shoes once a week or as needed right after cleaning. Keep the bottle with the specifics at a distance of about 20-30 centimeters from the shoe and cover it with the center from each side. Then leave the shoes to dry. Thanks to proper impregnation, suede shoes will serve you for many seasons – always in good condition!

How to clean suede shoes?

Wet suede shoe cleaning: water, talc, vinegar

We recommend this method only in difficult cases. When the brush or eraser has not removed dirt from the suede pins, you can use the “wet job”. There are several ways to refresh your suede with water. The first one is a soft cloth (microfibre is perfect) that needs to be slightly moistened. Another dirty place, for example on suedemaskins, rub with a cloth along the shoe (with hair). However, there are stains that water alone won’t work on. Then we gently moisten all the suede pumps with water (again preferably with a wet microfiber cloth). Then you dust the whole shoes with the usual talcum powder. With a dry brush, you brush the excess talcum powder that collects dirt and dirt. When the shoes dry, the residue can be removed with a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle tip. Another method is to clean your suede boots with a vinegar solution. In a 1: 1 ratio, mix vinegar (the most common food grade, 10%) with water, for example, a tablespoon of vinegar with a tablespoon of water. With such a liquid, using a cloth or sponge, you rub the suede shoes in one direction. The stain should give way. When the shoe is cleaned, wipe it with a cloth soaked in clean water and allow it to dry.

Suede shoes are fashionable and beautiful. They fit on many different occasions and come in hundreds of colors. Today we have proved that their care requires some attention, but it is an easy-to-learn skill. From now on, caring for suede shoes will not spend your night sleep!



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